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We are an online business that specialises in strategic career planning and coaching. We help clients who are starting their career out or starting over.


Career Finesse offers strategic career planning and coaching services to clients who are starting their career out or starting their career over.


Using our unique career planning framework, we help our clients by determining their career preferences, making use of resources to explore careers, developing Career Master and Action Plans and supporting ongoing self-management of  your career.

Career Finesse provides strategic career planning and coaching solutions to help you discover your ideal career, prepare for the workforce and succeed in your chosen profession. Our qualified Career Development and Human Resources Practitioner Danielle specialises in supporting a broad range of Australian individuals and families seeking assistance with career and study related decisions and planning. We achieve this through online career development programs and individual coaching sessions.

Discover your ideal career


Prepare to move into the workforce


Succeed in your chosen profession


Career Finesse offers a range of solutions to help our clients Discover, Prepare and Succeed. Some of the most common barriers people experience to building and living their best careers are:

  • Unaware of their strengths, interests or talents
  • Unaware of what jobs exist in the local labour market
  • Difficulty finding local jobs
  • Unaware of how to harness the internet to build a career locally
  • Lack the confidence or resources to follow through with their goals
  • Unsure of the path to take to achieve their goals
  • Feeling overwhelmed and indecisive by the career options that exist or other factors
  • Unaware of the best job searching and application techniques


Most of our clients are:

  • High school, college and university students
  • Recent school leavers
  • Rural Australians who wish to stay in their local community and build a meaningful career
  • Parents who are concerned about the study/career path of their children
  • Individuals who want a fresh start to their career

We can also assist:

  • Parents returning to work after caring for children full time
  • People who are transitioning from one career to another
  • Military spouses who need career management assistance after a new posting
  • Defence force personnel who are transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce

Career Discovery Program

Next round starts Tuesday 23 April!


This 10-week online intensive program was developed by our professional career development practitioner and was designed specifically for those who are starting their career out or starting their career over. Participants gain confidence about making career and study-related decisions, learn how to navigate the world of world and so much more!

By the end of the program, participants will have Career Master and Action Plans in place, be familiar with their career preferences and career options which suit their preferences, have a large amount of resources for ongoing career support and will have the tools to self-manage their careers going forward.

 The program features:


Identify Career Preferences


Career Exploration

Career Planning and Management

Flexible, self-directed learning, designed to fit around school and other commitments

10 learning modules

Weekly instructional Facebook Live group events


Workbooks with readings, activities and case studies to complete throughout the 10 weeks


Program facilitated by professional, registered career development and human resource practitioner

A personalised video coaching session with program facilitator

Unlimited access to program facilitator via private Facebook group and email

Reserve your spot

The next program starts Tuesday 23 April 2019. Places are limited!

Career Finesse is passionate about career development and can help you explore career options based on your personal preferences and skills, navigate the job market, develop career plans for success, make career and study decisions, and of course to win that job!

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