About Career Finesse

Discover, Prepare, Succeed

Career Finesse provides strategic career planning and coaching solutions to help you discover your ideal career, prepare for the workforce and succeed in your chosen profession.

We are an online career counselling practice, located north of Brisbane, QLD. Our qualified Career Development and Human Resources Practitioner Danielle works with clients who are starting their careers out or starting their careers over. We assist clients to:

  • Determine their career preferences
  • Identify their ideal career
  • Use labour market and other resources to assist with career decision making
  • Develop and action career master plans
  • Self-manage their careers on an ongoing basis
  • Maintain wellbeing during stressful study or career transitions

How can career planning and counselling help you or your kids?

Career counselling is an individual or group process which emphasis self-awareness and understanding, and facilitates people to develop a satisfying and meaningful life/work direction as a basis to guide learning , work and transition decisions, as well as manage responses to changing work and learning environments over the lifespan. (CICA Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners)

At Career Finesse, we understand the anxiety that people may experience when study or career transitions occur. We recognise this can be a stressful time when individuals and families can feel a mix of tension, overwhelm, uncertainty, excitement and other emotions. We also know how important it is for young people to feel supported by their parents and to work together on career development activities.

This is where we can help. Having a career development plan in place provides clarify, direction purpose and certainty.


The aim of Career Finesse


is to help you


Discover your ideal career

Prepare to move into the workforce

Succeed in your chosen profession

We offer a range of solutions to help you explore career options based on your personal preferences and skills, navigate the job market, develop career plans for success, make career and study decisions, and of course to win that job!


Our Brand

The Career Finesse brand symbolises professionalism, positivity and growth. Our practice is centred around the following essential ideals:

  • Working with clients to help them to self-manage their career
  • Believing that everyone has unique strengths and talents
  • Valuing life-long learning and balance
  • Thriving on seeing people be the best they can be

We are also avid supporters of rural Australia and believe that anyone can have a meaningful and fulfilling career, wherever they may be. We know that rural Australia is the heart of our country and want to see our towns flourish. Employment is an important aspect of this which is where we come in.

Meet Danielle Ward

Danielle has 15 years of experience in large and small scale recruitment, capability development, HR consulting and career development coaching. Clients appreciate her energetic, supportive and highly professional approach.

Danielle’s search for the perfect career


Danielle has vivid memories of her final year of high school in the rural town of Gympie, Queensland. She narrowed down her career prospects to 3 choices – preschool teacher, accountant and police officer. Careers that would allow her to work almost anywhere!

Inspired to study accounting because she excelled at Bookkeeping in school, she enrolled in a university degree without much further thought or guidance. This turned out to be a poor choice for Danielle based on her career values and interests which she was not attuned to. Danielle recalls the anxiety, confusion and aimlessness she experienced from not knowing what she was good at, where her career was leading and where her place was in the world. Regardless, she finished her degree with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management and Accounting.

Things began to look up for Danielle when she started working in large-scale recruitment for a retail company in 2005. She enjoyed interacting with many different people and most importantly, observed the positive impacts for business (and for employees!)) when vacant positions were filled with the right people. This was also Danielle’s first experience in assisting young people to kick-start their careers’ and new parents returning to the workforce.

Danielle knew she was on the right track practising HR, but still didn’t feel like she was fulfilling her true purpose in life. By chance, Danielle was talking to a colleague who mentioned his son was seeing a career development practitioner to assist him with a career plan beyond high school.

Danielle approached that same career practitioner to learn more about the profession and it didn’t take her long to realise that this was something she was keenly interested in.


Danielle’s experience and practise


Danielle completed a Graduate Certificate in Careers Education and Development and gained experience working for a Careers Service in an Australian university. She has since been an active member of the Career Development Association of Australia, including branch committee member and secretary. Throughout the past 12 years, Danielle has worked in large and small scale recruitment, business and project management, capability development, HR consulting, and career development and coaching.

Danielle’s practise is centred around Narrative counselling techniques which focuses on building collaborative partnerships with clients and facilitating constructive action. Narrative counselling takes a positive and hopeful approach to career coaching and encourages self-management. This suits Danielle well, complimenting her energetic and positive approach to client sessions. Because of this, Danielle has a natural affinity with young people and possesses a keen ability to empathise with their challenges. After all, it seems like it was only yesterday Danielle experienced the same challenges herself!

Danielle’s husband has served 18 years in the Australian Army (which she experienced with him from day 1), meaning she as a strong understanding of military life and the unique challenges spouses face  managing their careers.

It has also meant postings in both metro and rural areas of Australia. Currently located in Brisbane, Danielle is really looking forward to their next rural posting!

Career Finesse is passionate about career development and can help you explore career options based on your personal preferences and skills, navigate the job market, develop career plans for success, make career and study decisions, and of course to win that job!