I’ve just finished Joanna Maxwell’s Rethink Your Career in your 40s, 50’s and 60s. career counselling, career coach, career coach brisbane, career counselling brisbane, brisbane career counselling, brisbane career coach, 

I originally picked this book up for my mum who is in this age group and is searching for an encore career. She provided such good feedback on it, I just had to read it for myself. I wasn’t disappointed; I enjoyed it immensely!

Although I’m slightly younger than Joanna’s target audience, I was very engaged with her frank, intelligent and practical book. Joanna’s key messages and wisdom can be applied to people of any age group and career journey. It is also very well researched and provides sound, evidence -based guidance. Plus it’s Australian! 

An interesting read for career development practitioners, career-transitioners, retirees and anyone thinking about making a change to their work situation.counselling brisbane, brisbane career counselling, brisbane career coach, career coaching, career advisor, career advice, career aspirations, career advice brisbane, job search, career decision making, interview skills, skype online, career guidance, career advancement, career advice australia, study, what to study.