Career Discovery Program

An online 10 week program designed specifically for Australians who are starting their careers out or starting their careers over.

the 10 week career discovery program


About the program

The Career Finesse 10 Week Career Discovery Program was developed by our professional career development and human resource practitioner and designed specifically for Australians who are starting their careers out or starting their careers over.

This program runs during school terms and is designed to be flexible and to fit around school and other commitments.

The program explores 3 main areas of career development:

Stage 1. Identify career preferences

Stage 2. Career exploration

Stage 3. Career planning and management

The Career Discovery Program is packed full of years of research and experience coaching clients just like you! We have summarised the most relevant and contemporary information into 10 modules to deliver it in a way that allows participants to learn in their own time, but with the maximum amount of support.

This program gives a broad overview of many topics to address all areas of career development, rather than a deep look into one or two topics.

Through developing this program, we have been able to provide our clients with the knowledge and guidance normally received in about 10-12 coaching sessions in a more cost-effective and accessible way.


Who is this program for?

This program is designed for people who:

  • are new to the world of work
  • are new to career planning and decision making
  • have no idea what to do when school ends
  • don’t want to go to university when school ends and are not sure what else to do
  • lack confidence or clarity about choosing a career
  • left school some time ago and never found their ideal career
  • need a complete career change and don’t know where to start

This program is suitable for:

  • high school/college students
  • recent school leavers
  • TAFE or university students or graduates
  • anyone else who is looking for a fresh start to their career

This program is not ideal for:

  • executives
  • people who have found their ideal career and are looking to progress
  • people who are confident and knowledgable about the world of work

This program features:

Flexible, self-directed learning, designed to fit around school and other commitments
10 learning modules

Weekly instructional Facebook live events


Workbooks with readings, activities and case studies to complete throughout the 10 weeks

Program facilitated by professional, registered career development and human resource practitioner

A personalised video coaching session with program facilitator

Unlimited access to program facilitator via private Facebook group and email

During the 10 weeks, participants learn about:

  1. The key elements of career planning
  2. Identifying their career interests, values, skills and traits
  3. How to research labour market information and to use it to inform career decisions
  4. How to develop Career Master and Action Plans
  5. How their online presence impacts their career
  6. How to future-proof their career and the changing world of work
  7. Résumés, job searching techniques and interviewing methods
  8. How to self-manage their career once the program finishes
  9. How to try out a career before committing to it

Plus much, much more!


How does the program work?

Once you have confirmed your enrolment via our Book Now page, you will receive a welcome email from Danielle with a link to the closed program Facebook page. We recommend that you join straight up. You will also receive a pre-program questionnaire.

From week 1, each Monday you will be sent an email with the workbook (learning module) and the date and time of the Facebook Live group session for that week. You will work through the learning module by yourself. Parents are encouraged to assist where needed.

After week 6, you will be invited to book your individual coaching session with Danielle via videoconference. At this session we will discuss your Career Master and Action Plans and any other career related questions or issues you have.

In between each Facebook Live group session, you will have the opportunity to ask Danielle an unlimited number questions via email if you need extra support 🙂

Participants can expect to invest approxminately 2.5 hours in the program per week. This will entirely depend on the pace at which you work and how much effort you invest in the program. The more you put in, the more you get out.

For more information and frequently asked questions, download module 1 for free!

Week 1: Stage 1 - Module

Introduction to the program

  • Set your program goals and intentions
  • Learn about career planning
  • Address your career concerns
  • Facebook Live session
  • Readings
  • Activities
Week 2: Stage 1 - Module 2

Discovering your career preferencings – part 1

  • Understand your career interests
  • Identify your career values
  • Facebook Live session
  • Readings
  • Activities
Week 3: Stage 1 - Module 3

Discovering your Career Preferencings – part 2

  • Reviewing your career skills
  • Considering your career traits
  • Facebook Live session
  • Readings
  • Activities
Week 4: Stage 1 - Module 4

Putting it all together

  • Consolidate information in modules 2 and 3
  • Scenario based planning
  • Create a view of your ideal career
  • Facebook Live session
  • Reading
  • Activities
Week 5: Stage 2 - Module 5

The World of Work

  • Learning about the changing face of the Australian labour market
  • Understand which jobs will be in demand in the future and which will not
  • Use labour market information to understand your ideal career better
  • Facebook Live sessions
  • Readings
  • Case studies
  • Activities
  • Research
Week 6: Stage 3 - Module 6

Your Career Master and Action Plans

  • Identify the capabilities you need for your ideal career
  • Identify the capabilities you need to develop to pursue your ideal career
  • Assess your motivation
  • Map out what you need to do to achieve your ideal career
  • Build your Career Master and Action Plans
  • Individual coaching session
  • Readings
  • Activities
Week 7: Stage 3 - Module 7


  • Learn about résumé basis, including format, content and design
  • View examples of simple résumés
  • Develop your own résumé 
  • Facebook Live session
  • Readings
  • Activities
Week 8: Stage 3 - Module 8

Job searching and interview techniques

  • Learn about the more efficient and effective ways to find a job 
  • Learn about the types of job interviews
  • Obtain a comprehensive knowledge of interview questions and how to response, including the STAR method
  • Facebook Live Sessions
  • Readings
  • Activities
Week 9: Stage 3 - Module 9

Other tips for career success

  • Get the best from work experience
  • Learn about mentors
  • Networking
  • Understand how your online presence effects your job search
  • Facebook Live session
  • Readings
  • Case study
  • Activities
Week 10: Stage 3 - Module 10

Ongoing management of your career

  • How to choose a course of study
  • How to ‘try out’ a career before committing to it
  • How to navigate common career challenges
  • Career mindset
  • Facebook Live session
  • Readings

Your Investment

Our Career Discovery Program offers a HUGE amount of information and guidance to participants over 10 weeks. It’s the equivalent of about 10-12 personalised coaching sessions!

Because we want to make professional, relevant and affordable career planning and coaching services available to ALL Australians, your investment in the program is only:

3 x $133 payments – $399 in total.

This is a saving of over $1,200!

The next Career Discovery Program starts Tuesday 23 April 2019








We’re ready when you are! Your career kickstart is right around the corner.